Bryan Welch is a veteran media executive, writer, rancher, and entrepreneur with unique expertise in businesses that improve the world. He’s the former CEO of Ogden Publications (Mother Earth News, Utne Reader), B The Change Media (B Magazine), and Foster Care Technologies. Bryan has served on the boards of the Magazine Publishers Association, the Social Venture Network, Down Home Ranch Foundation, and several other nonprofits. He also has served on corporate boards of directors and advisory boards of companies involved in natural foods, e-commerce, and the media. He and his wife, Carolyn, raise organic, grass-fed cattle, sheep and goats on their farm near Lawrence, Kansas.
Man alone with the sea, sad, depression, loneliness, surreal. deep ocean of grief
Mental Health

Healing in the Deep Ocean of Grief 

Grief can hold our heads beneath the waves, but, as Bryan Welch writes, its tides can also open us to compassion for ourselves and others, showing us the value of a broken heart. Read More

  • Bryan Welch

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