Confident by Nature

We all possess a well of confidence. It doesn’t require a boost of self-esteem, and it’s not about feeling better than anyone else. Instead, confidence arises effortlessly when we’re truly and deeply connected with ourselves.

Illustration by Colleen MacIsaac
1. Be a Student

The ability to see life as a classroom can turn obstacles or setbacks into opportunities to grow and feel confident, say Elisha and Stefanie Goldstein, coauthors of 99 Ways to Live a Mindful Life. When a limiting belief arises, pause and take note of it. Then try responding to self-doubt with a learning mindset. This was hard for me before, but this is a new moment, and maybe I can learn something from it. A learning mindset isn’t about achieving; it’s about aspiring to keep getting better. Instead of falling prey to the idea that we “can” or “can’t” handle obstacles, we can be curious and open. Over time, as you intentionally counter self-doubt with kindness and a learning mindset, your confidence will grow.

2. Go Deep

Whether a circumstance shakes your confidence or you harbor a nagging doubt about yourself, those feelings seem to come from the depths of your being. But through mindfulness, you’re able to touch something even deeper: a trove of natural well-being, and yep, confidence.

Meditation teachers and authors Ed and Deb Shapiro write that the practice “enables you to meet, greet, and make friends with yourself…to know who you really…

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