Dan Harris: The New Ambassadors of Mindfulness

Dan Harris suggests new ways of presenting mindfulness so it's accessible for everyone.

Dan Harris, anchor of ABC News, Nightline, and Weekend Edition of Good Morning America, recently wrote a memoir about his public breakdown and journey to mindfulness entitled 10% Happier. Harris was drawn to meditation despite massive misgivings about the way some people talk about mindfulness—especially those he refers to as the “self-help gurus.” Harris talks to MindfulDirect and offers a candid critique of meditation’s PR problem when seeking to appeal to a mainstream audience. He suggests new ways, and new models, of presenting mindfulness.

“There are very few people who are talking about it in a way that can relate to someone raised in the age of irony,” says Harris. “We need to have people who don’t use terms like ‘sacred space’ and the ‘goddess mother.’ We need people who can talk about it in a normal way.”