Glimpse: One Taste

A glimpse at the creation of the One Taste department.

Photograph by Béatrice Peltre

We wanted to feature food in the magazine because everything associated with food—growing, picking, shopping for, cooking, serving, eating—is such an essential part of life. And mindful eating is a central part of being mindful, but how could we do something engaging with it?

So we asked ourselves “What is the essence of mindful eating?” It is tasting each thing. There’s a famous exercise of eating a raisin mindfully. You taste it completely: you experience “one taste.” How about we go beyond the raisin and choose one ingredient to celebrate each issue, we thought.

With this in mind we found the multi-talented Béatrice Peltre, author of La Tartine Gourmande, who prepares, arranges, and photographs her recipes. Food blogger Angela Mears filled out the picture with evocative essays. Et voilà! You can see for yourself—Crunch & Spice: Reconsidering the Radish.

—Tracy Picha, Editor

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