Harvard students design independent study about meditation and successful people

Two Harvard Business School (HBS) students, Nikita Singhal and Suken Vakil, plan to study whether a focus on contemplative practices contributes to success in business. 

The independent study, “Meditation & Business Leadership,” will be guided by HBS Prof. Sandra Sucher. Here, Singhal is quoted in an article in The Harbus, Harvard’s independent newspaper:

Suken and I aim to look into whether meditation can help business leaders increase self-awareness, mental clarity, focus and emotional intelligence. It is often also claimed that meditation helps a leader develop more authenticity, tolerance and empathy, which leads to a greater sense of belongingness and responsibility for the communities they live and work in.

We hope to gain some insights via a review of academic and popular literature, interviews with business leaders who practice meditation, and by meditating ourselves over the course of the semester to examine any impact.

For more about the study, click here.