How Do You Find Meaningful Work?

A Wharton Business professor devoted to studying this question provides five insights into what we should ask ourselves when it comes to choosing work that matters to us. 

A survey created last summer by Yahoo! and Parade magazine collected responses from 26,000 participants, asking them about their career choices. Startlingly, 60 per cent of respondents said they regretted their choices.

In a recent Fast Company article, Wharton Business School professor Richard Shell, argues that one likely reason for the high percentage of regretful responses is that they didn’t ask the right questions at the start.

From the article:

“I think that for a lot of these people,” says Shell, “they hadn’t thoughtfully defined what success would look like in their own terms before pursuing work that aligned more closely with family, social or cultural expectations. They hadn’t thought at the beginning to look for a suit of clothes that would fit them.”

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[Image: Lang]