In Awe of All Our Relations with Barry Boyce

In this rich conversation, founding editor Barry Boyce shares what he learned about awe, our relationship with nature, and each other while visiting the National Museum of the American Indian.

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  Real Mindful: In Awe of All Our Relations with Barry Boyce 39:56

Stephanie Domet: Hello, and welcome to Real Mindful. This is where we speak mindfully about things that matter.

We’ll meet here twice a month to introduce you to some of the teachers, thinkers, writers, and researchers who are engaged in the mindfulness movement. You’ll hear all kinds of conversations here about the science of mindfulness, the practice of mindfulness, and the heart of it. And if you have been a listener of Point of View with Barry Boyce, you have come to the right place. Barry is our guest today, as a matter of fact.

I’m Stephanie Domet. I’m the managing editor at mindful magazine and And this is Real Mindful.

Barry Boyce is the founding editor of Mindful and, and in every issue of the magazine, he writes the back-page column “Point of View.” Barry has a deep mindfulness practice developed over decades, and is the author of The Mindfulness Revolution. 

Barry dropped by my place on a cool fall day recently to tell me about a trip he took, pre-pandemic, to Washington, DC to visit a pair of Smithsonian…