Is Penn State Learning Lessons from Seattle Seahawks?

Now, elite athletes from Penn State to the NFL champion Seattle Seahawks are using meditation and yoga to enhance performance and avoid destructive habits like dwelling on mistakes.

“Sometimes during the game, you focus on whether past plays were good or bad. But meditation brings you back to the play at hand,” says Tim Frazier, Penn State’s senior point guard. For 15 minutes a day, he finds a quiet place, turns on a podcast, and meditates.

The Penn State basketball team, like the Seattle Seahawks, have started a meditation regimen to help maintain focus and improve play.

From the article:

Pat Chambers, the Penn State men’s basketball coach, also said meditation has helped his teams cut through the clutter of daily life.

“There are so many distractions with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. that I think you need a solution on how you can rid yourself of all that for a few minutes to refocus,” he said. “My hope is that before practice, our guys can find a technique they like to clear their heads. That for a few hours they can stop worrying about their test the next day or the argument they had with a friend, so that once they step on the court, all they are worried about is getting better today.”

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