Janice Marturano Talks Mindful Leadership (Video)

Janice Marturano talks about her new book, Finding the Space to Lead, and shares advice. 

In her new book, Finding The Space To Lead, Janice Marturano offers a practical guide to learn mindful leadership. She joins Huffington Post in studio to share some of her advice about leadership.

Marturano talks about bringing mindfulness to General Mills, where she was Deputy General Counsel. She also talks about why we go into autopilot mode during the work day, and how we can create “Purposeful Pauses” in our day to slow things down and get back on track.

Here’s Marturano talking about becoming mindful at work:

We have an innate capacity of our minds to be present, so we’re not talking about some outside tool or technique. What we’re trying to do is strengthen and cultivate our mind’s capabilities, just as we train our bodies. We can train our mind to more consistently notice, first of all, when we’re not mindful—when we’re physically here but our minds are at our 10 a.m. meeting that we just had or we’re worried about our kid’s 3 o’clock appointment with their teacher, or something else, and we’re not here. As soon as we notice that, with the training of mindfulness, we start to learn that we don’t have to be a victim of all that. We can notice when that’s happening and redirect our attention to be here.

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