Laughing Is Good for You

On today of all days, just remember: studies claim that laughing promotes health and healing in various ways. Here’s a sampling:

  • A new study by the University of Leeds claims that a hearty chuckle promotes healing. The researchers, who carried out a five-year study of patients with leg ulcers, found that a hearty laughter stimulates the diaphragm which, in turn, plays a vital part in increasing blood circulation. It actually speeds recovery from leg ulcers, while expensive ultrasound therapy does little to help, they said. More
  • A good laugh can be especially beneficial to people suffering from high blood pressure, says a report from the US Society for Vascular Surgery. Laughter increases blood flow and improves the function of blood vessels. It reduces the level of stress hormones and increases the level of health-enhancing hormones like endorphins and neurotransmitters, experts say. This can result in a stronger immune system and fewer physical effects of stress. If you are feeling tense, don’t worry – laughing relaxes the muscles for up to 45 minutes afterward, the report says. High blood pressure is a reality for one of three Americans over age 20, according to a 2010 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More
  • Laughter may help women who are trying to become pregnant through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), an Israeli study found. In a study of 219 women undergoing IVF published in Fertility and Sterility, researchers found that the odds of success were greater among women who were entertained by a clown just after the embryos were transferred to their wombs. The study hypothesizes that laughter is a "natural anti-stress mechanism." More