Meditation and Baby Goats

Meditating with frolicking ruminants and doctors prescribing walks in the park, keep up with the latest in mindfulness.

Reynold Sumayku/Alamy
Meditation meets baby goats

Every meditator knows what it’s like when your mind simply won’t slow down. Now a mindfulness teacher in Brisbane has taken that inner challenge and put it out there…by having new students meditate with baby goats. 

“It’s a metaphor. Your meditation is not going to be perfect, and it certainly won’t be still,” Berenice Tan told Yahoo 7 Australia. 

The rescued kids are brought in halfway through Tan’s popular “Breathe In & Bleat Out” introduction to mindfulness meditation events. And they offer a powerful teaching in self-compassion, she said.

“Beginner meditators have tremendous expectations the first time they attempt to sit, and it very rarely goes the way they hope,” she continued. “You’ll have thoughts, feelings, memories, fantasies, dreams jumping over you, gnawing at you, and hollering for your attention—just like the little goat.”

Skating on thin ice

Canadian hockey player Ben Meisner penned an online article about his lifelong anxiety and fear of failure, offering help to other young athletes— and within three days, he got over 1,000 responses. That’s a goal scored for ending the harmful silence around mental illness in sports. 

Gaming for good

 There is plenty of hand-wringing these days about the…

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