Mindful At Work Challenge: Day Two

The Institute for Mindful Leadership and Huffington Post's Third Metric are offering a free week-long event beginning on Monday. Participants will receive a daily email filled with instructions, meditations, and videos.

The Huffington Post article launching The Mindful at Work Challenge describes it as “an introductory roadmap for leading, living and working with presence and intention.”

Day two of the challenge focuses on eliminating distractions at work.

Janice Marturano, executive director of the institute and author of Finding The Space To Lead, introduced the challenge on Huffington Post Live last week to launch the challenge and you can watch the broadcast here!

As Marurano writes in the current issue of Mindful magazine:

The mindful leadership curricula we have been presenting combine some of the latest neuroscience discoveries with established mental disciplines drawn from the meditative tradition. Mindful leadership training is not about relaxation. It offers the intensive mental discipline training of mindfulness meditation in a context that recognizes the unprecedented challenges and opportunities facing leaders today. It invites leaders to explore for themselves the possibility of bringing all of their mind’s capacities to each moment of their lives.

The challenge starts on Monday, Jan. 27 and runs through Friday, Jan. 31. Marturano will provide meditations, exercises, and insights from Finding The Space To Lead—which will be delivered to your email inbox each morning.

Sign up for The Mindful At Work Challenge. You might also want to watch Maturano’s recent Huffington Post Live interview where she talks about mindful leadership and her new book, Finding the Space to Lead. For more meditation videos and exercises, visit the Institute for Mindful Leadership website.