The Mindful Survey: The Mindful Pet?

Answers from our reader survey on pets.

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What’s the hardest thing about having a pet? “That they don’t live as long as we do.”“When you cannot understand what they want or need.”“Them pooping in the house.”“Not knowing what they are thinking.”“They miss you.”“Leaving them to go to work.”“HOLIDAYS ABROAD.”“That they have a great life and billions of other beings don’t.”“The barking when someone is at the door!”“Not tripping over them.”“Guilt is the hardest thing. When you do have a jam-packed day you feel so guilty that they are home waiting for you.”“Cleaning the litter box.”“The vet bills.” How many pets do you have? Do you ever talk to your pets casually? Are you a cat person or a dog person?

32% of respondents prefer canine companions, while our feline friends take 17% of the vote. 50% can’t pick a side, saying cats and dogs are wonderful in their own ways. Fewer than 1% just aren’t into either species.

What’s your favorite pet name?

Our top picks:

RomulusTater TotBert and ErnieSpearmintBozleeMiso and TofuMerlinSnickersBoomerangSirius How would you describe your relationship with your pets? “Symbiotic.”“Unconditional.”“Obsessive.”“Family.”“Fun, loving, and caring.”“Respectful and loving.”“One way, LOL: I have a cat.”“They’re my TRIBE.”“Gentle, kind, and in the moment.”“Fellow sentient beings. Respectful of our differences. Mindful…

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