Mindfulness and Technology

A selection of Mindful articles that look at our relationship to everyday tech, from email to social media, and how mindfulness helps us navigate our online worlds. 

Whereas the Internet is not a series of tubes, we do agree that there is a lot of mystery surrounding it and how we use it. Does the Internet distract us? Does it make us more social and open to discussion? Should we attribute these characteristics to a technology, or, should we look to ourselves and our own behaviour as the source? We have compiled a series of articles on our relationship to everyday tech.

Is it Time to Unplug?: “So there I was driving,” writes Elisha Goldstein, “only to look up and find that I was three exits past where I needed to get off. Talk about being on auto-pilot. Sound familiar?”
Addicted to SpeedHow do we maintain focus in the instantaneous electric age that we live in? Susan Piver talks about the storm of information we are confronted with every day, and how a simple meditation exercise can help ease the stress of input-overload.
Mindful Social NetworkingSocial networking—is it helpful or harmful? Ethan Nichtern offers suggestions for how we can go online without losing our minds.



Photo © flickr.com/Rosaura Ochoa