Mindfulness and the military

How can a mindful approach serve those who have served us so selflessly?

Mindfulness is being used to help our military and its veterans—and its applications are only becoming more frequent and more fascinating, as these Mindful.org articles show.

PTSD and war veterans—can mindfulness help? Anthony King on the neuroscience behind using mindfulness to help war veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Veterans relearn compassion through meditation: Leah Weiss, a meditation expert at Stanford University, leads vets through compassion cultivation training. The aim is to shift their thinking from others being a potential threat to others being "just like me."

VIDEO: Military Stress Relief: Longtime meditation practitioner Major Victor Won talks about the benefits of teaching mindfulness meditation to military members (both active and retired) and their families.

Bringing Mindfulness to the Military to Enhance Performance and Build Resilience: See Elizabeth Stanley give a presentation about Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training, specifically designed for people working in extremely stressful environments, at the recent Creating a Mindful Society conference. You must register (it's free) to listen to the session.

Teaching Veterans Virtually: Read about how using an animated character in a 3D virtual website known as Second Life may provide mindfulness and stress reduction for veterans returning from recent conflicts. 

Veterans use warrior pose to find peace: Read about how war-wounded soldiers now have a gentler option— yoga—for rehabilitation at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. 

Veteran rocker rocking it for veterans: Read Mindful.org editor Barry Boyce's blog post about musician Dave Mason, a principal supporter and collaborator in Work Vessels for Veterans, an all-volunteer movement that helps veterans get the tools they need to get started in business.

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