Mindfulness: Out of the News, into Your Life

Mindfulness has, of course, been increasingly newsworthy, but the latest news – as reported on here on Mindful.org last week – has really been getting around in the past couple of days.

The big story, of course, is that practicing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction re-shapes the brain, and increases the amount of grey matter in the area of that is brain associated with learning. All this, after just eight weeks of mindfulness meditation practice!

To people who’ve already been practicing, this may not be such an unusual story; they’ve likely sensed such effects in themselves. What is unusual is that this story’s caught the attention of news sources like Boing Boing (one of the most-read and linked-to blogs in the world), Business Week, and even the gossip site, Gawker.

This means that more and more people will be looking for more information on bringing the benefits of mindfulness into their lives. They deserve reliable information that speaks their language: That’s precisely why we launched MINDFUL.org and produced this “Mindful” mini-magazine that you can easily download and share.

Perhaps it was upon hearing this story that caused you to google about mindfulness, leading you here to Mindful.org. If so, we hope you’ll take a look get and acquainted with mindfulness practice and the science behind it. Then, browse our features on bringing mindfulness’s benefits into every aspect of your life: at home, at work, in relation to the health of your body and mind, in love and relationships, and more. (And to stay up to date, you can friend Mindful on Facebook here.)

Above all, we hope you’ll enjoy learning about what we call “The Mindfulness Revolution” – which you’ll only be hearing more about in the media – given that what it can mean to personal and social well-being is only becoming more accepted every day. (And when you meet friends who might want to know about mindfulness, please send them to Mindful.org. They’ll be glad you did.)