Read Soren Gordhamer’s live chat on Mindfulness in a 2.0 World

If you missed it live, you can now read what Wisdom 2.0 Conference founder Soren Gordhamer had to say in his mindfulness discussion on facebook

The transcript for the discussion is available here.

From June 7 until June 16  Gordhamer opened the event's facebook page wall to questions from the public about mindfulness.

Gordhamer answered the questions live on the discussion tab of the facebook page on June 21st.

Gordhamer's Wisdom 2.0 Conference is an innovative annual event that explores the integrating mindfulness and awareness our technology age. He is also author of the book Wisdom 2.0: Ancient Teachings for the Creative and Constantly Connected.

Here's Soren's personal message to those who want to participate in the discussion.