The Mindful Survey: School

Pep rallies... Bag lunches... Jazz improv? This issue we asked readers about school, and the answers might teach you a thing or two.

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Is school a good thing?

What’s your ideal school type?

58% think public school is the best option. Private and independent schools tie in second place at 17% apiece. Almost no one likes the school of hard knocks (2%).

What was your favorite subject in school?

Only 3% chose gym. Because no one likes gym. Just kidding! Exercise is important.

Should meditation be taught in school?

95% say yes it should. We agree.

How do you keep in touch with old classmates?

42% use Facebook or other social media to stay in contact, and almost as many don’t keep in touch at all (41%).The rest opt for the occasional phone call (10%) or chat over coffee or lunch (7%).

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