Uncover the Mindful Moments Hiding in Your Work Day

Jen Fisher shares three of her top tips for incorporating the habits of mindfulness into a busy daily routine.

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Does it ever seem like mindfulness

I know the term “practice” may sound overwhelming, but I promise that creating a daily mindfulness practice doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, you can easily incorporate it into

You can start by uncovering some of the mindful moments hiding in your day. I find them everywhere, like in the first cup of coffee in the morning, when I start my weekly team meeting, when I walk my dog. And I find new ones daily, in my personal life and at work

Here are a few simple ones to start with.

3 Habits That Add Up to a Mindful Day

1. Show Up Fully for Breakfast

Eating is a basic human need, so we often don’t pay much attention while we’re doing it. But consider this: Mindful eating

  • As you’re eating, try to what you’re tasting and name at least three flavors of your .

2. Lighten Up Your Lunch Break

It’s lunchtime and maybe you decide to go for a walk. Here’s how to use it as an opportunity to tap into .

  • Extend your reach to the people and experiences in your day that are bringing you joy, too.

3. Create Space Between You and Your Work

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  • April 28, 2021