VIDEO: Mindfulness and the Mock Trial

Professor David Zlotnick is bringing mindfulness into the courtroom via the classroom with his new course that prepares law students for trial with the use of mindfulness theory and practice.

The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (ACMHE)recently hosted this webinar with Professor David M. Zlotnick of Roger Williams University School of Law. In this webinar Professor Zlotnick introduces a new course (sponsored by a fellowship from The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society) that he has developed that explores how mindfulness theory and practice can be integrated into trial advocacy or mock trial practice in law schools. Zlotnick believes that mindfulness will “help aspiring lawyers make a career in trial work more humane and sustainable,” says the ACMHE site. 

Professional education involves a process of socialization within the field, and in this process Zlotnick believes that students often lose their sense of authenticity, often adopting an unnatural persona which ultimately proves detrimental to his or her overall performance. So, Zlotnick’s course works to maintain individuality and authenticity within that socialization process through mindfulness theory and practice.

ACMHE writes:  “In this webinar [Zlotnick] will provide some background on how trial advocacy is typically taught in American law schools and will then walk attendees through the various ways in which mindfulness theory and practice were integrated into the course. This webinar should be of interest to teachers of all kinds…