What Pops Into Your Mind When You’re Meditating?

Like it or not, having thoughts is part of meditating. Mindful readers share what’s top of mind.

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shared this vivid memory of summertime blooms and sunsets. What pops into your mind when you’re meditating?

“How do I get better at living my life every day?”
– Cedric D.

“Colors! Vibrant, swirling colours of blue, fuchsia, yellow, and green!”
– Jane A.

“The beans are almost done.”
– @edgar_mindfulness

“When I start meditating, I see my entire body on the top of a very tall mountain looking at a canyon. It’s a very peaceful place.”
– Patricia V.

@serendipitysimplisticsoul writes: “Everything becomes magnificent in the light of an uplifted perspective.”

“Most often it’s things that I have not yet accepted.”
– @ckdaddy72

“Little mini movies of worry, usually involving my adult children.”
– @kellyvaillancourt

“Visions of food.”
– @drsusanalbers

“How amazing I am at ruminating!”
– @psikolegelifpeksevim

“I’m here. Come back to here. Breathe.”
– Carrie

and friends seized the day, meditating in this lush valley in Cumbria, UK. How do you feel toward your thoughts while meditating?

Accepting: 53%
Irritated: 16%
Anxious: 22%
Bored: 9%

During meditation, do you tend to notice a lot of thoughts?

Yes: 85%
No: 15%

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