What’s New in Mindfulness: Indigenous Wellness, Quilts of Compassion, and More

Learn about a contemplative science site, a hotline to support those in mental health crisis, and more news from the world of mindfulness.

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Since the 1940s, bird, insect, and small-mammal populations have been in decline, partly due to modern-day farming practices, but a new study shows that farmers can reverse these effects by dedicating small areas of unproductive land to create wildlife-friendly habitats—and that, in turn, creates thriving crops. Researchers at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology monitored for a decade the impact of 1 km x 1 km wildlife habitats on Hillesden Estate, a 1,000-hectare commercial farm. The authors of the study saw dramatic increases in species of seed-eating
birds and butterflies, which increased pollination and natural pest control, ultimately increasing crop yield. Marek Nowakowski of the Wildlife Farming Company says, “The Hillesden study shows that it is possible to balance wildlife conservation with efficient food production.”

New Insights

For anyone who (like us) can’t get enough of the science and wisdom of personal and collective wellbeing, here’s a new gem to explore. In fall 2022, Mind & Life Institute launched Insights: Journey Into the Heart of Contemplative Science, a multimedia website sharing key insights catalyzed through their work over 35 years. “We have an important story to tell about the evolution of the field…