5 Mindful Books About Equality and Racial Justice

Discover a non-exhaustive reading list of works that explore the experiences of Black folks and people of color.

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1) Every Body Yoga Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body

Jessamyn Stanley • Workman

Most people feel awkward during their first yoga class. For Jessamyn Stanley, being the largest woman in the studio only compounded this. Fast-forward a few years, and Stanley is an Instagram sensation for chronicling how a “big, black, and beautiful African Queen” can be as yogic as the idealized (and grossly misleading) representation portrayed in women’s magazines. With Every Body Yoga, Stanley, now a certified teacher, takes that a step further.

This book—a solid mixture of pose and sequencing instruction, introduction to the history and philosophy of the practice, and beginner’s tips to help you feel slightly less awkward when you start out—also tells Stanley’s story of how falling in love with yoga helped her fall in love with herself. Not only is this an inspiration for anyone who has ever felt different or has struggled with self-image, it’s an absolute testament to what yoga, at its core, is really all about.

2) Mindful of Race Transforming Racism from the Inside Out

Ruth King •…