A 10-Minute Practice to Fully Experience the Present

When the world feels out of control, it helps to take time to stop and do nothing at all. Jay Vidyarthi guides us to temporarily let go of racing thoughts and rest our awareness in the experience of this moment.

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One of the things I love the most about mindfulness practice is this duality between the idea that we need to train our minds and build skills and get somewhere, and the conflicting idea that we are to accept ourselves as we are, love ourselves, and offer ourselves compassion. That everything we are is OK, that we have enough, and we are enough. There seems to be a tension between these ideas, but it really only lies in the intellectual realm. When you actually practice mindfulness, you’ll find you can walk this line quite skillfully.

A Guided Meditation to Fully Experience the Present Moment Watch the Video: Listen to the Audio:   A 10-Minute Practice to Fully Experience the Present 11:57 Start by finding a comfortable position. I like to think of myself as embodying my intention for the practice in the way I hold my body: I intend to do nothing, but with a sense of presence, awareness, and relaxation. Take a breath or two to let go of whatever came before this practice, and whatever may come after. You may close your eyes, or keep them open, finding a spot to focus your gaze.…