A 20-Minute Practice to Deepen Your Awareness

Explore this guided meditation focused on allowing ourselves to settle in the present moment.

This is a guided meditation focused on deepening your capacity for awareness, for freeing yourself, and for allowing yourself to settle into the present moment. This practice may ultimately lead you to experience greater dominion over the mind, greater capacities that clear the mind, and increase your capacity to focus. You may also experience a greater capacity for insight, as you notice what arises when you are able to rest in a state of calm, while allowing thoughts to subside.

In addition to assisting you in deepening your capacity to settle into the sense of presence and groundedness beneath thought, this practice can really be an important support for your work in the world with others.

A Guided Practice to Deepen Your Capacity for Awareness   20-Minute Practice to Deepen Your Awareness 19:38

1. Feel the position of your body as you consciously invite these moments of meditation. Bring intentionality and commitment to these moments of practice. Begin with a few very deep breaths, sensing into the sensations of breathing in and out. Notice the rising and falling of your belly as you breathe deeply down into your diaphragm, expanding as you breathe in and then…