A Guided Meditation to Welcome Forgiveness

For those feeling the pain of anger and resentment, this practice by Dr. Christiane Wolf guides us through the gentle process of starting to forgive.

Adobe Stock/Antonioguillem

Rage and bitterness toward those we see as causing our pain can tear us apart. It takes time, writes Christiane Wolf, but the brave and gentle practice of forgiveness can help you turn toward the future instead of resenting the past.

A Guided Meditation to Welcome Forgiveness Settle into your practice by finding a supportive posture, closing the eyes or taking a few long, deep breaths. Acknowledge what is present. Remember that we are not trying to make ourselves feel anything. We are simply inclining the mind and heart toward forgiveness. Go at your own pace. Let yourself feel the barriers you are holding by not forgiving others, not forgiving yourself. Is an intention aris- ing to learn to forgive? Begin asking for forgiveness from those you have hurt or harmed. You might say to yourself: “There are many ways I have harmed or hurt another, knowingly or unknowingly, through my own pain, anger, fear, and confusion.” Pause, and let yourself remember the many ways. Let yourself open to the pain, sorrow, and regret. You might feel your readiness to finally let go and to ask for forgiveness. Say: “I ask for your forgiveness. Please forgive me.” Release by taking…