Discover and Express Your True Self with Ashanti Branch

In this 4-part series we'll explore how to be mindful of the masks we wear.

Ashanti Branch is the founder and executive director of The Ever Forward Club. In 2004, during Ashanti’s first year teaching high school math, he started The Ever Forward Club to provide support for African American and Latino males in school. He works to change how students, especially young men of color, interact with their education and how their schools interact with them. Since then, Ever Forward has helped all of it’s more than 150 members graduate from high school.

Discover and Express Your True Self

In this 4-part series we’ll explore how to be mindful of the masks we wear and how to move through the world authentically.

Session #1: Giving Yourself Space to Create Peace in Your Life

Session #2: Being Mindful of the Masks We Wear

Being Mindful of the Masks We Wear 

The first step to being our most authentic selves is investigating which of our qualities we’re willing to show the world, and which we’d rather hide. Read More 

  • Ashanti Branch
  • August 21, 2021

Session #3: Mindful Writing to Explore Your True Self

Session #4: Being Seen for Who You Really Are


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