Four Ways to Savor the Dance of Cooking

Try out these tips to help you find your own little dance the next time you prepare a meal.

Adobe Stock/ Liubomir

Delicious is the term used to describe the type of food I hope to eat, but also the way in which I move. Come to a yoga class with me and you will hear me say, “Move in a way that feels delicious.” Delicious means enjoyable, delightful, and pleasant—and we can bring that perspective into the kitchen as we cook. 

Four Ways to Find Joy in Cooking   12 Minute Meditation: 4 Ways to Savor the Dance of Cooking with Lynn Rossy 12:00

1. Turn on some music. I love to start the process of cooking by setting the mood. Something upbeat gets my body moving into action. 

2. Feel your body moving. There are many movements required in the cooking process. Pay attention to the muscles stretching as you reach for ingredients in the top of the cabinet. Practice your squat as you bend down low. Pay attention to the muscles in your arms as you cut those carrots and knead that bread. 

3. Pause for a Breath and a Smell. Cooking can be physically demanding. Pause for a breath and take time to smell the growing aroma of the kitchen. Smile and take your next dance step…