Home for the Holidays: A Guided Self-Compassion Practice

Jenée Johnson welcomes us home to our hearts with a 7-minute guided meditation to rest, replenish, and renew.

Ekaterina Senyutina/Adobe Stock

This is a practice to usher us home for the holidays—“home” meaning to our inner selves, with love and care. In her book, Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection, Sharon Salzberg says, “awareness and love are qualities we can rely on moment to moment…They protect us during whatever storms or blow outs we undergo.” 

Awareness and love are qualities we can rely on moment to moment

Jenée Johnson, mindfulness, health, and racial healing innovator, and the founder of the Right Within Experience, guides us in this seven-minute meditation. We will explore a HeartMath practice called Quick Coherence that helps to synchronize the heart, mind, emotions, and body. This practice can help us work on being present with ourselves in an aware, kind, and loving way to take respite from the storms and renew strength and resilience. 

A 7-Minute Guided Meditation to Come Home to Your Heart   Home for the Holidays: A Self-Compassion Practice 6:46

1. Please be seated in a relaxed, upright position. Drop your gaze or close your eyes and sit with ease. Take a deep breath in and an audible sigh out.