How Mindful Readers Chill Out

Taking some time to rest and release tension isn’t lazy; it’s an act of self-compassion and wisdom. Here’s what Mindful readers had to say about the role of relaxation in their life.

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What unusual things do you do to relax?  “Organizing my home and purging items I don’t need helps me when things feel chaotic. Also, sometimes just getting on the floor and letting my dogs shower me with attention is amazing!”“I get up before 6am, light a candle, read the newspaper online, and have coffee: a peaceful hour to myself. Then I walk or work out or do yoga.”“Catching crabs with my nephew. I watch him mindfully as he explores, and his innocent curiosity brings me quiet joy.”“Facebook helps me relax. I’ve realized it’s because I have few “friends” there—the ones I have are people who mean something special to me.”“My Lunchtime Walks. I take the same route each day, headphones in, walking to the beat of my carefully selected soundtrack.”“I sort random things into categories that have no real purpose, other than aesthetics—things like state quarters; books I haven’t read yet; items picked up while traveling; pictures, downloads, and screenshots on my phone.”“Dancing. It’s something I wasn’t allowed to do when I was growing up, and now I find that I enjoy it very much!” What does your ideal self-care practice look like?

Nearly all respondents say taking time daily…

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