How to Be Your Own Best Friend

Friendship can sometimes feel fraught. But if you play your cards right, there’s at least one friend who will always have your back.


Friendship ain’t easy. Sometimes friends move away, forget your birthday, and say insensitive things. It’s almost as though friends are also people—at least, they act just like them. 

So what is friendship?

Friendship might spring from shared values or hobbies or always bumping into the same someone on a daily commute. The desire for friendship is woven into what we need for a healthy support system to help us to feel not so alone in the world.

According to many popular ideas about friendship, a true friend is someone who is on your side, no matter what. A true friend watches out for you and will never betray you or make you feel bad.

As wonderful as that sounds, we continue to run into the unpleasant reality that friends are people. And all of us people can be unreliable, self-focused, and sometimes oblivious to the needs of others. But there is a fascinating charmer you can cultivate a great relationship with, and that lifelong friend is the good buddy you find in the mirror everyday, known as the one you call “Me.”

And this is really great news! You can nurture a profound friendship with yourself. When you are your own…