Mindful Books and Podcasts to Keep You Warm This Winter

From powerful practices to boost resilience and reduce stress to podcasts that demystify why we’re addicted our phones and the 24-hour news cycle, The Mindful Editors sift through the latest Mindful books and streams.

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RESILIENCE Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster

Linda Graham, MFT • New World Library

Missing your bus, dropping dinner on the floor, screwing up at work: These everyday hiccups may fluster, frustrate, or at times even tax your coping system, but they don’t usually knock you down, writes Linda Graham. It’s the bigger distresses, such as illness, death, or loss of security—particularly if they come one after another, pile on top of unresolved trauma, or include a heap of self-criticism—that can threaten to overwhelm us to the point of “falling apart and not being able to recover.” 

That’s where resilience comes in. The newest buzzword in psychological circles, resilience indicates our ability to recover from adversity. And after rigorous study, it’s also now believed to be the greatest indicator of one’s personal happiness and ability to thrive throughout life. 

In this easy-to-read and hugely informative guide, Graham explains the neuroscience of resilience (spoiler alert: Our early influences shape our future coping skills) and how we can continue to develop it throughout our lives. 

It’s this last bit—our ability to override old neural patterns, create new ones, and strengthen our minds and bodies to withstand the inevitable…

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