Brian Eno Composes Calming Music for Hospitals

Listen to a sample track from a hospital room designed to help patients relax.

Photography by IBI Nightingale

Montefiore Hospital in the UK teamed up with ambient music artist Brian Eno in April 2013 to create a Quiet Room where patients can find relaxation and calm. Eno designed a light and sound installation for the room and for the reception area, including an original soundtrack of soothing instrumental tunes. Once the room has had a few inhabitants, there are plans to examine whether the patients who have sought solace there exhibit any beneficial physiological changes.

To listen to a sample track, click here.*

This web extra provides additional information related to an article titled, “Minding Your Health,” which appeared in the October 2013 issue of Mindful magazine.
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* Brian Eno and Opal Ltd., London, kindly gave Mindful permission to host a four-minute sample track from the Quiet Room for one month. Starting on September 12, 2013, this link will redirect to a shorter sample track on the BBC website.