3 Simple Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

Taking time to appreciate what—and who—we have in our lives has many benefits. In this three-minute video, Elisha Goldstein suggests three mindfulness tips for growing feelings of gratitude.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to find things that we’re thankful for. Finding time to practice gratitude in smalls ways throughout our day enables us to let go of toxic emotions, such as resentment and envy. Along with enhancing our personal lives, gratitude can also improve our performance at work by helping us get more sleep, improve our office environment, and contribute more constructively.

Here are three simple ways to reflect on what you appreciate and grow your sense of gratitude.

1) Tap into 5 good things

Think of five things that you’re grateful for, and do this on a daily basis. You can do this when you’re going to sleep or waking up — or you can do it right now. You might say, “That’s something I’ve heard of before.” I’ll challenge you to say, when’s the last time you put that into a regular practice in your life? Explore this practice and notice the positive impact it can have for you.

2) Get inspired

Think of at least one person right now who you are appreciative or grateful for having in your life, as an inspiration in some way. Settle into, “What is it about this person that I am actually appreciative for?” Allow yourself to feel that.

3) Grow grateful feelings

Text, email, message, make a date, or call that person right now and share with them what it is about them that you’re appreciative of, or let them know that you’re just appreciative for having them in your life.

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