What Makes You Feel Strong?

Mindful readers share how they relate to their bodies and offer some sage advice.

AdobeStock/Mary Long
Describe your relationship with your body. 

My relationship with my body has evolved over the years. I accept the changes such as wrinkles and gray hair more easily. I obsess less with the need to always “look” good and accept that I am fine at this moment. 
–Varsh D. (via email)

It makes me feel like I am home so I try to improve my conversations with my body every day. 
–Tanaya C. (via email)

I treat my body as my temple, careful to watch what I feed it, understanding that food is fuel. My body also signals using aches, pains, and sometimes inflammation when my mental health is struggling or when I am stressed.

That shit is complicated.

What about your body do you find challenging?

I’m epileptic.


Working on my self-esteem and letting go of fear.


What makes you feel strong?

My problem-solving skills.


My belief in myself!

Feeling calm.

The gym.

What advice would you give to a friend who’s being hard on themselves?

You are loved and a gift to everyone the way you are.

Every day is a new opportunity. Don’t beat yourself up! Celebrate the things you can do.

Find your wow.