5 Mindful Habits for Living Each Day to the Fullest

Every day offers opportunities to fully embrace the present moment and live life from a place of connection.

Adobe Stock/ Beaunitta V W/peopleimages.com

When we live in the present moment rather than on autopilot, caught up in our thoughts, we increase our capacity for a feeling of vibrant aliveness, a sharp sense of presence in daily life. I feel this as a vibration that courses through my body in moments of awe. It happens when I hear the enchanting calls of a flock of geese. I feel it when I see the full moon light up the sky, illuminating the lake near my house, or when a friend or stranger greets me with a warm hello. It is a feeling of wonderment, warmth, and love—a knowing that says, “I am here, alive, right now!” 

we can find our grounding again, remember who we are, and live more fully from our heart each day as we navigate this terrain called life. 

This feeling of present-moment awareness can result in a visceral sense interconnection with all of life. When we feel this oneness—whatever we may call it—the world opens up. We are open to the fullness of life and our lives are forever changed. 

5 Key Practices for Daily Mindfulness

Gaining this kind of awareness is often portrayed as something that happens…