5 Ways to Help Teens Engage in Mindfulness Sessions

Yakobchuk Olena/AdobeStock

Mindfulness with teens sounds amazing, but how do we get past the eye rolls and resistance? Over the years I’ve thought a lot about this, with a few successes and many failures. So, I’m sharing these five Rs as tips to help get things started.


A lot of well-intentioned adults believe teens need mindfulness for mental health or for stress relief. For many teens, though, mental health stigma or other priorities can get in the way of trying something new. Like trying to teach kids anything, we need to make mindfulness relevant to their young lives. Keep reading for ideas on how to keep things relevant.


Can mindfulness help young people with recreational activities they love? Yes! We know it can boost creativity in their passion for the arts, cultivate confidence for performances, and help them remain calm in new social situations. Mindfulness can keep their head in the game during penalty shots or free throws in the playoffs. Listening to music more mindfully helps them enjoy their favorite song a bit more, or appreciate down time and really helps them rest, relax and reset.

Teens can smell fakeness from a mile away, often as a…