A Mindfulness Practice to Learn the Mind-Body Connection

Our bodies have power to influence our minds, and vice versa. This guided meditation shows you how.

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Minds change bodies, and bodies change minds. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a little skeptical about this basic principle of mindfulness meditation. Let’s do a quick visualization to see how just thinking about something can trigger a change in your body.

Try This Guided Meditation to Learn the Mind-Body Connection   A Meditation on the Mind-Body Connection 7:07

For this practice, you can sit or you can stand, or you can lie down. Just get comfortable, with your back relatively straight, your body relaxed and your heart open.

I want you to imagine that you’re in your kitchen, you’re standing in front of a counter, and on the counter there is a cutting board, there is a lemon and there is a knife. Pick up the lemon, walk over to the sink, turn on the water and wash the lemon. The water is cool, and feel it against your hand, turn the water off, take a paper towel, dry the lemon, really feel the towel in your hand, feel the lemon and then walk back to where the cutting board is lying on the counter. Put the lemon down on the cutting board, keep one hand on…