Mindfulness May Enhance Your Generosity

The latest new research on mindfulness meditation.

Adobe Stock/Andrey Popov
Can Mindfulness Meditation Help People to be More Giving?

A team of researchers at Yale University and UCLA assigned 326 workers who were registered with a labor crowdsourcing platform to either a mindfulness group or a control group. Those in the mindfulness group watched a short breathing meditation video. The control group saw a video teaching kids how to draw Mickey Mouse. Both groups provided demographic information and were told that they would receive either $1, $2, or $3. They were then given the opportunity to donate part or all of the funds to United Way, a well-known non-profit organization that helps people with few financial resources. Those in the mindfulness group donated at a rate 2.61 times higher than those in the control group. Mindfulness group participants who were less than twenty-five years of age, or did not have a college education, were even more impacted by mindfulness training and gave considerably more than members of the control group.

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