Passion Will Spark Your Resolutions, Not Pressure

Fuel your New Year's resolutions with intention, not nagging. Here are 7 steps to investigate what drives you, so you can hold firm to fresh habits.

Cristian Escobar/Unsplash

What drives you? What gives you goosebumps? Makes you smile unexpectedly? What do you get lost in? Lose time in? Within the answers to those questions, you’ll find your passions. And when it comes to manifesting what you want out of life, a good place to start is gently investigating your passions.

Here’s a simple, 7-step guide to help you manifest whatever you want to achieve. I call it the RESOLVE practice.

How to Manifest Whatever You Want: RESOLVE R — Recognize a yearning for change

So, you want to turn in a new direction? Then you’ve already got what you need to start making changes. Once you can see that you want more freshness in your life, you can kick your resolve into gear and make it happen.

E — Engage all your resources

As we learn to tune into the body, watch our thoughts, and become friendly with our emotions, we develop inner “resources” that we can call on to help us create a feeling of stability. Engaging your resources can include forming an allegiance with someone who is also seeking to strengthen their resolve. Anything that helps support you in your cause is a resource.