How Reading Aloud Can Be a Mindfulness Practice

Consider reading aloud an engaging alternative to zoning out with Netflix. Here are a few ways you can incorporate mindful reading into your mindfulness practice.

Photo by cherryandbees/Adobe Stock

Reading used to be a social activity, not something we did silently to ourselves. For thousands of years, we shared the news of the day around a crowded dinner table or a bar, and stories were told aloud after tea and chores. Perhaps now is a good time to revive the art of reading aloud as a form of connection and community.

Interestingly, perhaps because of the vast span of historical time when reading also meant experiencing sound, even when we are reading silently to ourselves it turns out we’re still “hearing.” When we’re settled into our favorite book, or armed with our paper on the train (indeed, as you’re reading these words to yourself right now), auditory processing areas light up in our brains.

Today, it’s not unusual to attend a mindfulness retreat and hear someone read a passage aloud. Reading aloud and listening to someone read aloud can be a great way to tune in to the present moment and bring our mindfulness practice to life. And while there’s also evidence…