Riding the Waves of Change

Mindful readers share how their outlook on life has shifted over the past year and what helps them manage change.

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Mindful readers share how they cope with the certainty of change.

Has your outlook on life changed in the last couple of years?

“Sometimes I think about change as it relates to habit. Experiencing change keeps me present and awake. Habit is like a lullaby that puts me to sleep. Practicing mindfulness helps me to stay present and experience whatever change is happening in the moment, without the urge to push it away or hold on too tight.”

“Definitely. Small joys mean so much more.”

“I notice that each time I’m going through a challenging life moment, a new book or creative project is born. Tapping into my creativity and imagination brings a joy that helps me know I’ll be OK.”

How does change make you feel?

What helps you manage change?

Having a system for myself, where I can think through what it is, plan and gather information, write it down, take achievable goal steps, and congratulate myself each step of the way.
—Tina Q.

Accepting that everything is temporary helps me to release attachment to what was while welcoming the new reality of what is.
—Bev V.

First accepting it, like my father’s Alzheimer’s. Then I try to focus on what I can control to feel empowered and try to let go of what

I cannot control to lessen the discomfort that change can bring.
—Karen K.

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this pic celebrating a big accomplishment at the beach.

@latashamarie shares this photo by photographer Shakira Hunt of what it feels like to embrace every part of who she is.

@andreabogart feels lucky to be able to ride the waves of change with two little ones in her arms.

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