Why Can’t I Sleep? 4 Tips for Better Rest

Getting back to sleep in the middle of the night is no small feat. In this short video, Michelle Maldonado offers four ways to help make going to bed—and staying asleep—easier.

Diana Vyshniakova/Adobe Stock

In the latest Mindful Live session, Michelle Maldonado discussed resilience for divided times, and how that translates to our sleep patterns, with Mindful’s editor-in-chief Heather Hurlock.  While answering a question from the webinar audience about dealing with ruminative states of mind before bed, Maldonado offered these four tips for better sleep.

4 Ways to Sleep Through the Night 1. Clear Your Mind Before Bed

Unattended thoughts can percolate and “hum right below the surface” Maldonado says, exhausting our energy and making us even more tired. Regardless of what you do or think about all day long, if you take a few minutes to meditate before you go to bed, you’re allowing your mind to let stuff out. Maybe instead of meditating, you’d rather put pen to paper and journal about your thoughts. No matter what you choose to do, give your mind some time to dump.

2. Try a Body Scan Meditation

Once you do get into bed, Maldonado recommends a body scan meditation that can help you ease into quality, deep sleep. 

Try this guided body scan meditation to help wind down before…