A 20-Minute Practice to Hold the Emotional Body

Yoga and meditation teacher, speaker, and author Leslie Booker offers a practice to check in with your body, breath, and heart.

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  20-Minute Practice to Hold the Emotional Body 20:22

1. Find a comfortable posture—walking, standing, lying down, or seated.  With open eyes, move the head side to side, breathing in and pausing when the chin is over a shoulder, breathe out as the head moves, pausing with the chin over the other shoulder.

2. Notice your space—the colors, shapes, height, width, and depth of the room, the elements of nature. 

3. Rest the eyes—open, but with a soft gaze, looking down, or close them. Breathe, and feel into the moment.

4. How is the mind? How is the body? How is the breath? And how is your heart? Feel into the posture of your body. 

5. Feel gravity pulling down, rooting this body, connecting it to the Earth. Feel the sense of solidity, knowing this body as Earth element. Feel Earth holding Earth. In this stillness, you might begin to feel the sense of movement. It could be a little vibration, a shimmering. Or you could feel a bigger movement. Perhaps the body is rocking, soothing itself. Whether it’s in the stillness or the movement, you might feel a sense of ease…