3 Guided Meditations to Come Home to Yourself

Renowned meditation teachers share three practices to help you check in with your body, acknowledge any difficult emotions we’re experiencing, and come home to the truth that you are inherently enough.

Adobe Stock/ JLco Julia Amaral
1. A Guided Meditation to Give Gratitude for Your Body from Elaine Smookler

Between our inner critic and external messages about what a “good” body looks, feels, and acts like, we can be so hard on ourselves. But our bod- ies do so much for us. With this practice, we take a moment to offer gratitude for the body that will accompany us through life. Elaine Smookler guides a lighthearted and compassionate body scan to bring a spirit of curiosity and appreciation to what’s happening in our body right now.

2. Guided Meditation: Notice How Sadness, Loneliness, and Anger Show Up in Your Body from Sharon Salzberg

When we try to ignore or push away strong emotions, they have a tendency to hang around uninvited in our tense shoulders, shallow breathing, and tight jaws. With this practice from Sharon Salzberg, we gently turn toward uncomfortable sensations and feelings. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but when we bring nonjudgmental awareness to difficult emo- tions, we can see how they arise, change, and go.

3. A Meditation to Remind Yourself That You Are Enough from Jenée Johnson

Self-criticism and…